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Perinatal (Mom's Heart Matters)


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Womans Heart Hinesville PSA Video of Mothers in our Community & their Testimonies

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In February 2024, Liberty Regional Medical Center celebrated the launch of their Mom’s Heart Matters (MHM) initiative. This maternal health program focuses on the postpartum phase of LRMC patients in Hinesville, Georgia. The program is designed to reduce the disproportionately high hypertension-related morbidity and mortality rates among mothers of color, with a web-based interactive mobile health platform that collects blood pressure readings and offers real-time monitoring of participating moms.

Why we created this program?

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for women within one year of pregnancy, according to the Georgia Maternal Mortality Review Committee. We saw many mothers in our own community suffer from postpartum congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy, and heart disease after having their baby. So we decided to make a program to address this issue and change the statistics. This program is designed to help address the disproportionate rates of disease and death among black mothers with high blood pressure. Many barriers that inhibit care to that particular population are taken away by Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure cuffs powered by GOMO. These blood pressure cuffs enable them to check their blood pressure regularly, regardless of their physical location, using a Bluetooth-enabled device that is monitored by medical professionals. As long as the patient has cell phone service we can see their blood pressure when it is taken. Mom’s Heart Matters has built a safety net for postpartum mothers by connecting and coordinating care across a number of areas, including cardiovascular health, medication management, mental health, substance abuse, breastfeeding, and reproductive health.

This support is not just offered to mothers with blood pressure issues, but every mother is offered enrollment in the MHM program. We have built a postpartum support track for mothers that do not have blood pressure issues, and in that track they receive messaging from MHM for up to 1 year postpartum. These messages include information on postpartum diet/nutrition, stress management, exercise, maternal mental health, lactation consultation, social support, and more. Mothers do have the ability to opt out at any time by texting STOP to the messaging.

How It Works?

Postpartum mothers with blood pressure issues are enrolled in the MHM program blood pressure support track via their consent and given a personal education session. The education session includes an enrollment bag, a remote blood pressure (BP) cuff, education, and we ensure the app is downloaded to their phone and that it is syncing properly with their device. All mothers enrolled in the blood pressure support track will get a cardiac follow up appointment with Dr.Abisogun at SouthCoast Cardiology. Once home, the patient is asked to take her BP twice a day for 10 days then once a day for 20 days. If the patient has a BP in severe range, then an immediate escalation will be sent to all emails and a text will be sent to the MHM phone to immediately check the email for an escalation. This allows for a real-time interception of the notification as well as immediate interaction via call and/or text to provide assistance to the patient. The nurse holding the MHM phone will contact the on-call physician to report the escalation, and a plan of care for the patient will be immediately created. The result is a very efficient way to provide real-time support to postpartum mothers after discharge. All mothers enrolled in the blood pressure support track will get a cardiac follow up appointment with Dr.Abisogun at SouthCoast Cardiology.

MHM receives escalations not only for high blood pressures with the blood pressure monitoring track but any mother in either track that answers a certain way to certain messaging pertaining to substance abuse, depression, stress, or social determinants will trigger an escalation to the care team as well showing she needs assistance in that area.

How to be a patient in the MHM program?

Mom’s Heart Matters is only available to patients of Liberty OBGYN or patients that deliver at Liberty Regional Medical Center. Any mother who is not a patient of Liberty OBGYN, and is interested in being enrolled into the MHM program, can transfer her care to Liberty OBGYN. For more information on Liberty OBGYN click here.

Contact Us:

For more information concerning Moms Heart Matters please call: 912-369-9406 or email: