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Preparing For Your Delivery

If you believe you may be pregnant and need prenatal care and delivery services, please consider using Liberty OB/GYN. Information about our providers and services can be found by clicking here.

LRMC Perinatal Services

Our Physical Facilities

Liberty Regional Medical Center’s Perinatal Services Department is a Level I center which provides care to child-bearing women and newborns around the clock. Elements of the program include:

· Two “OB Triage” rooms on the unit used for observation for pregnant women who have needs prior to delivery.

· Four Labor & Delivery rooms, where moms-to-be receive nursing care and support throughout the labor and delivery process.

· Four Post-Partum rooms, where mom and baby together recover from the process and new parents can adapt to caring for their newborn with guidance and teaching from the nursing staff and other professionals.

· Operating and Recovery Room, for moms who need a Cesarean Section, either planned or unplanned.

· Newborn Nursery. Even though babies normally stay with mom in the Post-Partum room, the nursery is used for newborn assessments, procedures such as circumcision, and for any newborn requiring a higher level of nursing care.

Perinatal Education Classes

For Liberty OB/GYN practice patients, LRMC has partnered with Injoy, a Web App based education provider, to provide a variety of courses at no additional cost to our patients. This Web App based model allows patients to access the information at their convenience on their phone, tablet, or computer. Patients can access the courses on their own time, at their own pace. This model also allows patients to go back and reference the material at any time.

Courses currently offered include:

· Birth

· Newborn Care

· Postpartum Health

· Breastfeeding

· Baby Care

Liberty OB/GYN patients will be given an access code to register for free. For more information about the classes, please speak to provider or office personnel at Liberty OB/GYN. The office number is 912-877-2228.

Safety and Security/Visitation

Visiting hours are from 8am – 8pm.

To enhance safety, mothers may have two designated visitors during labor. Once the patient is delivered and transferred to postpartum, she can have 2 visitors at a time and they can switch out with others. Father of infant and siblings do not count as the two visitors postpartum.. Newborns siblings are allowed to visit postpartum. The only children allowed to visit are the siblings of the newborn. Siblings cannot be left/dropped off with the mother. Siblings that visit must be supervised at all times by someone 18 years or older, and they cannot spend the night overnight. Only 1 visitor allowed to stay overnight. During Flu Season (Flu Season according to the CDC) no children under the age of 18 will be allowed on the unit.

To ensure the safety of our moms and newborns, the Perinatal Services Department is a “locked unit.” To be able to enter the unit, visitors press the “doorbell” button on the wall outside the double doors. The doors are unlocked by a staff member only after identifying the designated visitor via intercom and monitor screen. The doors must be unlocked by a staff member each time a visitor exits the unit, as an additional safety measure.

Staff members are easy to identify. Badges on the unit have the image of three hearts under the staff photo. While nursing staff may take the newborn to the nursery for assessment, mothers and their designated support person or visitor are instructed to not allow anyone without these 3 heart-badges to take the newborn out of the room for any reason.

Mom's Heart Matters Program

Liberty Regional Medical Centers Perinatal Services is proud to announce their Mom’s Heart Matters (MHM) initiative. This maternal health program focuses on the postpartum phase of LRMC patients in Hinesville, Georgia. The program is designed to reduce the disproportionately high hypertension-related morbidity and mortality rates among mothers of color, with a web-based interactive mobile health platform that collects blood pressure readings and offers real-time monitoring of participating moms. Escalations are sent to the MHM care team when a mother has a high blood pressure so real time intervention is possible for that mother. This program also offers postpartum support track for mothers that do not have blood pressure issues. This track sends mothers text messages throughout their postpartum journey that covers many different topics including but not limited to postpartum diet, nutrition, exercise, stress management, resources, mental health, and substance abuse. Mom’s Heart Matter’s follows moms for 1 year postpartum. Escalations are also sent to the MHM care team when a mother responds to the questions with a need or rates high on the screenings. To learn more about Liberty Regional Medical Centers Mom’s Heart Matters program scan the QR code.


Promoting Skin-to-Skin

LRMC promotes the “Magical Hour” after delivery. Studies have shown that initiating skin-to-skin contact as soon as possible after birth, when mom and baby are both stable, assists the newborn in adapting to an external environment. By simply allowing the newborn to lay against the mother’s chest (skin-to-skin), he or she can have an easier time adjusting to living outside the mother’s womb. This practice keeps the baby warm and calm during the first hour. It also helps normalize the heart rate and breathing patterns of the newborn. Of course, the natural bonding process occurs as well.

The time frame of the “magical hour” can be adjusted to the new mother’s comfort level. Dad can also join in by holding his newborn skin-to-skin. During this time, the mom and baby are assessed by nursing staff. However, the staff will try to complete assessments with minimal interruption to this vital period.

Georgia 5-STAR Hospital Initiative

Liberty Regional Medical Center participates in the Georgia 5-STAR Hospital Initiative, which is a program designed to encourage and support breastfeeding. Participation means that LRMC Perinatal Services Department staff have been trained to help mothers initiate breastfeeding within one hour of birth. The nursing staff can show mothers how to breastfeed and how to maintain lactation (secretion of milk), even if she is separated from baby.

We are proud to have Heather Battles a Certified Lactation Counselor ( CLC ) available at Liberty Regional Medical Center to help our mothers with breastfeeding and support them in their breastfeeding journey. Mothers that need assistance or want more information can call 912-369-9406.

Breastfeeding on demand is encouraged and made easier by having the baby “room in” with mom in the Post-Partum room.


Liberty Regional Medical Center participates with Georgia Perinatal Quality Collaborative (GaPQC). GaPQC is a network of perinatal stakeholders working together to improve the quality of care and outcomes for Georgia mothers and babies. GaPQC leads statewide implementation of quality improvement initiatives through technical assistance, quality improvement training, education, and data support to hospitals.

Contact Us

Liberty Regional Medical Center is always looking for ways to create a superior patient experience. If you have suggestions regarding how we can make that happen, please contact us by emailing If you would like more information about our Perinatal Services Department, please call 912-369-9406.