Self-Directed Orientation

Orientation Requirements
All persons working in Liberty Regional Medical Center facilities are required to complete an initial organizational orientation. Regular employees attend orientation in a traditional classroom setting. Students, agency/travelers and allied health professionals are allowed to use a self-directed program that completes the basic organization orientation requirements without classroom attendance.

Organizational orientation includes these components:
A general orientation module which covers personnel policies, infection control and employee health issues, OSHA and general safety, HIPAA, and risk management/quality outcomes.
A bloodborne safety module

To complete each module, you will need to download and review each study guide. Each module has one or more tests that need to be completed. As you take each test the results are automatically forwarded to our Human Resources department.

Download the Study Guides
1. General Orientation Module - for Part 1 Test and Part 2 Test
2. Bloodborne Safety Module - for Part 3 (Bloodborne Safety) Test

Take the Online Tests
Part 1 Test
Part 2 Test
Part 3 (Bloodborne Safety) Test

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