Liberty Regional Medical Center Named 2010 Hospital of the Year by HomeTown Health

HomeTown Health, LLC recognized Liberty Regional Medical Center as the "Hospital of the Year" at its 2010 Annual Conference at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia from among 55 statewide Georgia rural hospital members. This award is for prestigious achievement as a rural hospital. Liberty Regional Medical Center was selected for demonstrating exceptional leadership by providing quality doctors, dedicated caregivers, and adopting "Best Practices" that contributed to the overall success of the hospital. The criteria consist of having an ongoing strategic plan, involvement with legislators in governmental affairs, being highly regarded by business providers and hospital peers, a strong commitment to staff education, and expressing decision making capabilities that promotes the highest quality health care with the greatest access to the citizens of Liberty County and surrounding counties, while maintaining a financially viable health care institution. "Liberty Regional Medical Center has achieved notable success in a very difficult and volatile health care environment and is recognized and commended for achievement far above the normal rural hospital system", stated Jimmy Lewis, the CEO of HomeTown Health. Scott Kroell, CEO of Liberty Regional, said "We were pleasantly surprised and deeply humbled by our selection as the 2010 Hospital of the Year. This award is not only an honor to our Hospital Authority, our physicians, and our entire staff of employees whose dedication and commitment to best practices and exceptional healthcare are unsurpassed, but also to our community who supports our hospital and the vital services it provides."

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