Frequently asked Payment Questions:

When do I become responsible for my bill?
You are always legally responsible for your bill.

How much will I owe after my insurance has paid?
It depends of the type of insurance plan you have signed up for, and on allowed services, co-payment amounts, deductibles, and co-insurance. It is almost impossible to know exactly how much your insurance company will pay or how much you will have to pay.

What is a deductible or co-payment?
A deductible is the initial amount you must pay before your insurance plan begins to pay for your bills. It is usually a flat dollar amount (e.g. $500 or $1000). If you have a $500 deductible, your insurance company should pay all of the covered charges except the first $500, which is your responsibility to pay.

A co-payment is a flat amount that is due to the provider with each visit. If you have a $100 emergency room co-payment, you must pay $100 at the time of service and your insurance will pay for the balance of all covered services.

Do I have to pay my co-payment at the time of service?
Yes. You are expected to pay your co-payment at the time of service.

I am paying on my bill, but I still went to collections? Why?
Because our computer system does not recognize your payment if your account is not set up on payment terms, make sure to contact Patient Financial Services at 912-369-9442 or our extended business office at 866-973-7132 and notify them that you are making payments on your account. They will put your account on payment terms which will prevent your account from going to collections, as long as you make your payments on time according to your payment terms.

What type of payments do you accept?
1. You may pay cash, check, money order, or credit card. Make check or money order payable to LRMC and please include your account number on the check. Mail your payment to the address on your statement.
2. You may pay online by debit or credit card by selecting the "Online Bill Pay" option on our website at
3. ACH: Automatic account debit which will withdraw an agreed upon payment amount from your account. Please contact Patient Financial Services at 912-369-9404.
4. If it is not possible for you to pay your bill in full, you may contact Patient Financial Services at 912-369-9442 or our extended business office at 866-973-7132 to make payment arrangements that will fit your budget.

Do you give discounts?
Yes. We will give you a 20% discount, if you pay the total balance that is due from you within 14 days of the date printed on your first statement after your insurance paid their portion if applicable.

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