Hospital Authority Receives Certification

The Hospital Authority of Liberty County recently completed a twelve-hour Hospital Authority Training program facilitated by the Fanning Institute, a unit of public service and outreach of the University of Georgia. The trustee certification program, which has been approved by the Georgia Hospital Association, presents the required material in a classroom environment through experts in law, communication, collaboration, leadership, governance, mediation and negotiation. Trustee certification formally confirms the individual trustee's participation in and/or support of initiatives to improve their knowledge of the healthcare field, leadership effectiveness and compliance with governance best practices. Certification is also a means to assure stakeholders that hospitals who participate in this type of training program hold themselves to high standards and accountability to their communities for their performance as a governing body.All seven members of the Hospital Authority completed all educational requirements of the training program. They were presented with official certifications at their May board meeting by Skip Teaster, Community Economic Developer and Public Service Associate with the Fanning Institute.

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