County Employee Lunch-N-Learn

June 10, 2011 guest speaker: Bryan Ristow, MD - Liberty Cardiology

In 2010, Liberty County kicked off the L.I.V.E. Wellness program for county employees. L.I.V.E. stands for Liberty Inspires Vibrant Employees, and is meant to improve health via education and behavior change. At a recent County Employee Lunch-N-Learn, Dr. Ristow of Liberty Cardiology presented on hypertension and its signs, symptoms, and treatment options. EMTs from Liberty Regional Emergency Medical Services were also present to perform blood pressure screens on attendees. Employees were asking questions to both Dr. Ristow and the EMTs for the duration of the luncheon about how to maintain and lower their blood pressures. Below are pictures from the event featuring Dr. Ristow and a County employee getting his blood pressure checked.

 Dr. Ristow presents on hypertension.
 Scott Wall gets his blood pressure screen at the
County Lunch-N-Learn by an EMT.

  Dr. Ristow presents on hypertension.

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